Moneta | AML

Prevention of money laundering and prevention of terrorist financing

We are committed that our services will not be misused for illegal activities. Our primary objective in this regard is the full compliance of our policies and procedures with the national legislation and international standards in the field of prevention of money laundering, terrorist financing and customer fraud.

We strictly implement policies and procedures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, which are designed in full compliance with Law No. 03 / L-196 for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing and Law. 04 / L-178 on amending and supplementing the Law No. 03/L-196 on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Prevention of Terrorist Financing.

Measures that we are implementing, to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing are: identification of clients, monitoring transfers, training our employees and our agents, cooperation with law enforcement authorities.

To perform a transaction, the client must necessarily be present and must be identified with an official document, which has not expired and that has the picture of the client. We also care about educating our clients so they do not to fall prey to any fraud. Click on Customer Care where you can find some examples of fraud