MONETA is a specialized company in financial services. Our staff has many years of experience in that field.



MONETA SH.P.K. is a limited liability company headquartered in Prishtina that is specialized in financial services. MONETA SH.P.K. is licensed and supervised by the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK) since December 2004. MONETA SH.P.K. is authorized by MoneyGram International to offer money transfer services in Kosovo through its network of agents. From 2013, the company started to offer service payments as well.

To further strengthen the company’s image, from the beginning of 2013 the company started using the new trade name Moneta. The new logo was used as well. This was done in order to help in positive brand perception of the company.

In October 2013 MONETA SH.P.K. has entered into an agreement with the Banka për Biznes (BpB) for offering money transfers through all of the bank’s outlets. The company is built on effective policies and procedures and currently operates with a professional staff of about 30 employees.

The company structure consists of a Board of Directors, Audit Committee, and Senior Management with all relevant departments: Administration, Human Resources, Legal, Operations, Internal Audit, Business Development, Finance and Marketing.




To be the market leader in money transfers service, payments and other financial services offered by the company.


To provide professional, competitive, and high quality services that meet customer needs, to add value and predictable income for the company, as well as to provide a dynamic, challenging and rewarding environment for the employees.


Responsibility – Taking responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies.

Integrity – Acting with fairness, honesty, and without distorting the truth.

Dedication – Being dedicated towards products and services offered, as well as taking initiatives to further improve them.

Innovation – Being always in the lookout for creative ideas that have the potential to make positive changes.

Safety – taking care for the health and safety of employees beyond legal requirements in order to provide a safe working environment.


Through the points of our agents can be performed all types of payments such as: electricity, water, municipality, university, different ministry bills, insurances, traffic tickets, internet providers, telecom, tax administration etc.



The company promotes its services in a variety of ways and mediums ranging from television advertising, summer catalogs, and billboards throughout Kosovo. During 2014 the company had an extensive presence in digital media through web portals. In addition to this, direct promotion continued to be a prominent way of promoting our services.

Such promotions resulted in attracting a significant number of new clients that decided to use our money transfer services mainly because of the high quality of service, and the affordability of the cost.

During the year the company supported the Football Federation of Kosovo by voluntary helping them in selling tickets through the company network of agents for the matches that Kosovo football representation played.


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Prishtinë, Republic of Kosovo