1 Step 1
Estimate Fee of the send transaction and choose one of the locations of Moneta-MoneyGram.
2 Step 2
Types of identification documents which can be used are: ID card, Passport or Driver’s License.
3 Step 3
A Moneta – MoneyGram employee will register your data in the system. After that a form will be given to you to sign.
4 Step 4
You will be given a reference number.
5 Step 5
Contact the person that you are sending money to, and give them the reference number. The money will be ready to be collected within just 10 minutes.


Click here to send money online.

Personalise your transfer:  You can include a free 10-word message when completing the transfer form.

*Important: The receiver’s name on the transfer record must match their name as it appears on their ID. If it does not match the transfer may be delayed and the funds will be unable for pickup.