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You know a $10,000 watch, but... I mean. I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt and I look great. We actually have the new Rolex Submariner fake. we have the 41mm 124060 No Date Submariner and we just put it in. We rushed over here and made some coffee. I haven't even looked at that watch yet. We also have the previous reference number 114060 and even the previous five-digit reference number 14060M. So what we're going to do today is we're going to go ahead and compare these three references, and this is not a press release with other press conferences that have 15 minutes of interaction with the press. We own the table, so we spent some time doing table measurements and even grabbed some calipers. I mean we're talking about the 41mm Submariner here, so I was so excited I just wanted to jump in and do it.

114060 Rolex Submariner Mens Automatic

New Rolex Submariner Fake

like this is the 41mm Rolex Submariner fake. this is the 114060, so I'm going to get the calipers out and we're going to take measurements right away like I want to see here, so the last generation was 40.2mm, so the new Submariner is 40.5, let me see here hang crazy on 40.5, 40.6, maybe I'm saying it's 40.5. well, first of all it's 41 millimeters, which is a little bit far from the truth here, not that it doesn't look that big, in fact, we're talking about three tenths of a millimeter. So where did you measure? Natan: I measure the bezel from three to nine. Okay, let's move on. I would say the clasp is now a millimeter thicker, so it seems to be about the same length, but it's also thicker, okay, now we're going to note that this bad boy and also the diver's extension seems to be the same design, nothing seems to have changed, I mean on the wrist it's going to feel almost the same, I mean it's a sports watch, compared to my Datejust I mean, that's not what you know, it will not only disappear the wrist, but I mean, in general, it looks great, let's look at the rest of what I want to see. You know the new reference font has a slight difference at six o'clock between the Swiss and the manufacture. I mean I'm going to go out and say that now the 41mm Submariner is not the 41mm Submariner.

Superior Performance

It's a 40.5mm Submariner and it seems to wear the same way compared to its predecessor even though it's reduced a little bit due to the actual lug size, the outer lug size is thinner and now it's also slightly thicker in the bracelet, but it actually seems to really affect that volume internally and that's probably the bigger difference so I'd take a 14060M which is 114060 ceramic case ultra dive fake watches (which has a caliber 3130) before the five digit reference. Now this is the reason for the update as a reference, it is an updated version of the 3000 caliber. It is regrettable that the Breguet, for example, coiled a larger hairspring. It's a great modern movement, so much so that it ended up running in the 114060, so until a month ago the current Rolex Submariner fake movement was the same as the one in the last iteration, but now we have the 3230 so the 3200 series movement is pretty much a brand new movement. I think Rolex makes a big deal out of the 90% new parts. It has the Rolex chronograph energy escapement and it has a 70-hour power reserve compared to the 48-hour and the previous generation, so the watch is vastly superior to its predecessor internally because it's more efficient and the movement is higher. Power reserve.


I'm sure there are many other terms that Rolex could use to illustrate how good this movement is, but I think that's It's also important to note that we get the 3200 series movement in this watch, and it's usually said that Submariners are the last fake watches to have a previous update, and it's fitting that we finally see the 3200 series in the Submariner . I mean, it's fantastic because I think I had a lot of reservations about the original six-digit ceramic Submariner because of its clunky case. I like it because what's impressive is the updated bezel mechanism with the ceramic frosted bracelet, the fully solidly attached diver's extension clasp, all the aspects of this new Submariner are impressive, but it's a little bit too chunky, it's not like its sibling it's not like its predecessor was the five-digit 14060M. 124060 looks like the new Rolex this time around. I mean proportionally speaking it is right. The new movement is a huge upgrade to the last one, it feels like a Submariner and we can enjoy it for a long time. I can't wait to see certain date versions, especially the green bezel version, but on this watch this watch, people will not rest because I mean we know it's a stainless steel sports watch, it's the Rolex Submariner fake like it's going to be sought after, but I'm going to say it here. long live the 41mm Rolex Submariner fake.

One Last Thing

Great, nothing more, I mean throughout the video we're going to have a lot of these images for you on the screen, I mean I've covered pretty much everything I want to cover, I think in a minute I just want to take one more measurement, it's about 14. another 5 air margins might be worth considering but I mean it's probably 14 what are you measuring right now? Nathans: I'm measuring the outer dimensions of the crown guard because when ii place them side by side you can visually see that the crown guard on the new submariner is thinner, so again the larger case design and making the lugs and the crown guard is not only proportionally thinner because it's a larger case size but it's physically a millimeter thinner than the previous generation, which makes it more elegant in appearance and its taper is also getting thinner, and just by looking at the watch you can see that it is much thicker. Elegance. It looks more like a five-figure reference, and I don't think Rolex (Rolex) would ever admit that super cases are a bad idea, but if we look back at the history of Rolex over the last five years, they get thinner and thinner, and we would say that a lot of things are solved by the Day-Date. The 41 mm in the Day-Date II reaches 40 mm. The Datejust case design thins the trunk, and now we can put the Sea Dweller in a 43 mm thin trunk and then see it with the Rolex Submariner fake. Just like Rolex correcting a mistake, this is so good.

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